Applied Math Colloquium

Monday, November 25, 2019 at 4:15pm

Room 2 - 190 182 memorial Drive, MIT Building 2, Cambridge, MA, 02142

Speaker :  Benjamin Seibold (Temple University, Mathematics)

TitleUnderstanding How Vehicle Automation Changes Traffic Flow Patterns

AbstractA distinguishing feature of vehicular traffic flow is that it may
exhibit significant non-equilibrium behavior: in congested flow,
stop-and-go waves arise that waste fuel and increase emissions and
accident risk. We present mathematical models that provide a
phenomenological understanding of the causes and dynamics of traffic
waves. We then project the future, in which connected and automated
vehicles (CAVs) will be immersed in the traffic stream. We show, via
models, simulations, and experiments that automation can go both ways:
a small number of CAVs can control traffic flow to remove traffic
waves; but conversely, semi-automation can generate concerning flow
patterns that are much worse than what human drivers generate.

MIT Math Tea Time Reception in room: 2-290 preceding the talk at 3:45pm

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