Assemblies and Nature

Sunday, December 30, 2018

MIT Wiesner Student Art Gallery

MIT Media Lab Phd Neil Gaikwad and Isabel Moya Camacho show the contrast between the synthetic and the organic, from a nature-inspired design to a design-inspired nature. Curated exhibition by Sam Hunter Magee and Justin Playl.

Since the Industrial Revolution, the world of design has been dominated by the rigors of manufacturing and mass production. Assembly lines have dictated a world made of parts, framing the imagination of designers who have been trained to think about their objects as assemblies of discrete parts with distinct functions.

But you don't find homogenous material assemblies in nature, where there are no parts, no assemblies. It's a system that gradually varies its functionality by varying one of its properties. Between machine and organism, between assembly and growth, between Henry Ford and Charles Darwin. These two worldviews, analysis and synthesis. Our work is about uniting these two worldviews, moving away from assembly and closer into growth. 

Neri Oxman


Neil Gaikwad, a MIT Arts Scholar, captures the simple complexities of our planet, including glacier landscapes, cultures and burning societal challenges across the world. Neil is a current Phd candidate at the MIT Media Lab focused on Artificial Intelligence and Human Computer Interaction.


Isabel Moya Camacho, a MIT Sloan student, explores the boundaries between matter and space, fundamentally expanding and enhancing the ways in which humans interact with the built environment. As an architect and artist, she has been awarded by the Spanish Royal Academy of the Arts and her work is part of the Collection of Fine Arts in the Spain's Biblioteca Nacional.


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