Chipman Seminar: Post-doc talks

Thursday, November 09, 2017 at 4:00pm to 5:00pm

Building 6, 104, Chipman Room
182 MEMORIAL DR (REAR), Cambridge, MA 02139

Microstructure Evolution in Materials 
Dr. Ananya Balakrishna

Abstract: Microstructure evolution features prominently in chemical reactions, phase transformations, and biological growth. In materials, this evolution is driven by electro-chemical, mechanical and thermal loads. The microstructure formed alters the physical properties of materials. I develop and apply mathematical models to investigate how microstructures evolve and how we can engineer these patterns to control material properties. In this talk, I will discuss phase field modeling of microstructures in two material systems: ferroelectrics and lithium battery electrodes. First, I will present how polarization patterns evolve in ferroelectric systems, and how these patterns can be applied to nanoscale transducers. Second, I will introduce my recent work on coupling lattice symmetry with the composition field, to describe phase transformation in lithium battery electrodes. 

Nano-Mechanical Property Coupling Towards Self-Sensing and Damage-Tolerant Materials 
Dr. Shilpa Raja

Abstract: Nanoscale stress-sensing can be used across fields ranging from detection of incipient cracks in structural mechanics to monitoring forces in biological tissues. As premature failure of structural components invariably results from the initiation and incipient growth of small cracks, there is a vital need for auto-responsive structural materials that potentially self-detect and self-respond to environmentally-induced mechanical damage. Such materials have a built-in potential to prevent catastrophic failure in service applications. I will discuss tetrapod quantum dot nanocrystals, which are stress-sensing nanocrystals that can optically report nanoscale stress transfer, detect nanocrystal dispersion, sense local stresses with a high dynamic range, and optimize nanocomposite Young’s modulus. Building on my experience in characterizing opto-mechanical coupling in tetrapods during my PhD, I will also share recent updates on my current research in characterizing mechanically coupled properties of oxides at MIT, including those oxides considered for solid oxide fuel cells and batteries.

The Chipman Seminars present a variety of topics from a variety of viewpoints and are open to the entire DMSE community. Delicious cookies will be served. Please check the DMSE calendar for notice of upcoming events. We will hear from undergrads, grad students, post-docs, and DMSE faculty.  Please join us!!

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