Out And Out: Ex-Muslims Normalizing Dissent

Thursday, November 30, 2017 at 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Building 2, 190
182 MEMORIAL DR, Cambridge, MA 02139

How does Islam affect the conditions of equality? Can modern human rights flourish within a religious context? The panel of formerly Muslim atheists will discuss the intersection of equality and dignities for all with the dictates of Islamic ideology.

In collaboration with the Secular Society of MIT's "Out And Out" programme to support ex-theists, Ex-Muslims of North America (EXMNA) will bring its "Normalizing Dissent" speaker tour to the MIT campus, to advocate for the ex-Muslim community, and to bring nuance to a conversation that is often dominated by cliché and obscurantism from bigots on one side and from apologists on the other.

This 4th episode of Out And Out will feature talks by Sarah Haider, Muhammad Syed, and Maryam Namazie on the subject of "Equality, Islam, and Human Rights", followed by audience Q&A.

WHEN: Thursday, NOV/30, 7pm - 9pm
WHERE: 2-190 (1st Floor, Building 2, 182 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, https://whereis.mit.edu/?go=2)

Free entry. Free food.
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The event will be audio+video recorded and photographed.


[ Maryam Namazie ]
Maryam is an Iranian-born writer and activist. She is the Spokesperson for Fitnah – Movement for Women’s Liberation, One Law for All and the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain. She hosts a weekly television programme in Persian and English called Bread and Roses.
She is on the International Advisory Board of the Raif Badawi Foundation for Freedom, Euromind and Feminist Dissent; National Secular Society Honorary Associate; Honorary Associate of Rationalist International; Emeritus Member of the Secular Humanist League of Brazil; a Patron of London Black Atheists and Pink Triangle Trust, Humanist Laureate at the International Academy of Humanism and a columnist for the Freethinker.

[ Muhammad Syed ]
Muhammad is a human rights activist, writer, speaker and community organizer. He is the founder and president of Ex-Muslims of North-America (EXMNA), the first Ex-Muslim advocacy and community building organization in North America.
Muhammad has been a human rights activist for the past decade, with a focus on efforts to normalize religious dissent and promote acceptance of secularism in Muslim communities.

[ Sarah Haider ]
Sarah is an American writer, speaker, and activist. Born in Pakistan and raised in Texas, Sarah spent her early youth as a practicing Shia Muslim. In her late-teens, she began to read the Quran critically and left religion soon after.
In 2013, she co-founded Ex-Muslims of North America, where she advocates for the acceptance of religious dissent and works to create local support communities for those who have left Islam.
In addition to atheism, Sarah is particularly passionate about civil liberties and women’s rights.


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