IMES DSS Seminar: Dr. Mauro Ferrari

Thursday, February 15, 2018 at 4:30pm to 5:30pm

Building E25, Room 111

Seminar Title: Post-Nanomedical Vistas
Time: 4:30pm – 5:30pm
Location: E25-111
Faculty Host: Dr. Alex Shalek

IMES is happy to host the President and CEO of Houston Methodist Research Institute, Mauro Ferrari, Ph.D. as part of our ongoing Distinguished Speaker Series.

ABSTRACT: Twenty years after the approval of the first liposomal “nanodrug” (Doxil), and ten years after the launch of Abraxane, the promise of nanomedicine has been met with limited success in the fight against metastatic disease. Toward this objective, the prospects for molecularly targeted nanomedicines are not as encouraging as had been hoped. Yet, important lessons have been learned, which provide the foundations for novel, “Post-Nano” vistas of potentially transformational import in oncology. In this presentation, I will discuss some unsolved problems that have plagued nanomedicine to date, and explore the opportunities ahead based on the lessons learned, based on Transport Oncophysics. The review of Post-Nano strategies for innovative therapeutics will focus on injectable NanoParticle Generators for the delivery of polymeric doxorubicin (iNPG-pDox). Based on a design that mimics the release and delivery of exosomes from multi-vesicular bodies, iNPG-pDox was recently demonstrated to have unprecedented curative effects on lung and liver metastases from triple-negative breast cancer in preclinical models (Nature Biotechnology, March 2016). The discussion will also include multi-stage vectors (MSV) for RNAi, novel modalities for immunotherapy via Nano-DC vaccines, leukolike delivery systems, and multi-drug delivery nano/micro platforms.

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