Meditation in the MIT Chapel

Thursday, January 31, 2019 at 11:00am to 11:45am

Building W15: MIT Chapel
48 MASSACHUSETTS AVE (REAR), Cambridge, MA 02139

Meditation is the practice of cultivating our minds. This is done through letting go of negative states of mind, cultivating positive states of mind, and building a sense of presence to the moment that deepens our appreciation for the moment. The way we do this is through cultivating awareness and benevolence. Awareness to know what is true and benevolence to change it for the better. Beyond this is cultivating a deep sense of acceptance of things and ourselves just as we are, and seeing the profound affect that can have on our psyche. Meditation is for stress reduction and peace of mind, but it can also be about becoming a better person and even developing spiritually. In this class we will explore a bit of all of these possibilities. Whatever faith you come from, or if you are an atheist, there is a way to develop a sense of connection to the depth of our being in this class. No experience necessary.

Topics will include “What is Meditation”, “Mindfulness”, “Mind Metaphors”, “Distractions and Obstacles to Practice”, “Go With the Flow”, “Suffering and its Causes”, “Benevolence”, and “The Ego”.

Instructor Daniel Rodman has been studying and practicing meditation for over 15 years. His influence is primarily Buddhism, as are most modern forms of meditation today, though what he teaches is not Buddhism but a more secular, universal approach to understanding meditation. He is delighted to offer insight into the path of meditation and wishes for a fruitful transformation.

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