PAOC Colloquium - Adam Martiny (UC Irvine)

Monday, February 22, 2021 at 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Virtual Event

Title: Non-Redfield ratios in the ocean: A tale of using genomics to understand ocean biogeochemistry

A longstanding paradigm in biological oceanography is the idea of a linked elemental composition of plankton communities and deep ocean chemistry. This idea is represented by the Redfield Ratio that suggests that carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus cycles in fixed proportions at roughly 106:16:1. I my talk, I will summarize results from a series of studies showing that the C:N:P ratio is in fact not constant but show a large-scale latitudinal gradient. Secondly, I will demonstrate how one can use genomic observations to identify plankton resource use across ecosystems. We then combine genomics and a trait-model to accurately predict changes in plankton C:N:P ratios across ocean regions. Finally, I will discuss the implications of non-Redfield elemental ratios for major ocean biogeochemical features such as nitrogen fixation and carbon storage.

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The PAOC Colloquium is a weekly interdisciplinary seminar series that brings together the whole PAOC community. Seminar topics include all research concerning the physics, chemistry, and biology of the atmospheres, oceans and climate, but also talks about e.g. societal impacts of climatic processes. The seminars take place on Monday from 12-1pm. 

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