SP-CoSI Graduate Dinner Seminar

Thursday, November 30, 2017 at 6:30pm to 8:00pm

Building NW86, Seminar Room, Sidney Pacific
70 PACIFIC ST, Cambridge, MA 02139

SP General Audience Graduate Seminar provides MIT students the venue for more scholarly and open interactions with their peers.

Dinner Served

Sponcers: ODGE Office of the Dean for Graduate Education 


Monika Avello 
Deparment of Biology
MIT iREFS co-chair

Elise Ledieu
Civil and Environmental Engineering
MIT iREFS co-chair 

Active Listening - Using Conflict Management Techniques for Effective Problem Solving

Goals of the SP General Audience Graduate Seminar Series:

Help students communicate STEM, Design, Entrepreneurship, and Arts Teaching and Research

  • Gives graduate students an opportunity to practice public speaking in a low-pressure environment of peers. 
  • Helps graduate students think about presenting their work to experts, non-expert, and UROPs. 
  • Creates a bridge to close the gap between graduate and undergraduate research community. 

Inspire Collaboration & Foster Inclusive Environment 

  • Embrace diversity and creates an inclusive and supportive scientific environment 
  • Help inspire interdisciplinary collaborations, as students learn about problems in other fields that could be attacked using their own expertise. 
  • Help potential UROPs to connect with graduate students and mentors. 

Help students learn, grow, and Network

  • Increase students' comfort levels with unfamiliar research topics and provide them exposure to fields and opportunities outside of their primary area of research. 
  • Provide a networking platform to students and bring them together to talk about the work that they love and learn a bit more about what their fellow graduate students in different departments do in their everyday life. 

Join us for the seminar and dinner at MIT's Sidney Pacific graduate residence! 

Contact: Neil Gaikwad, gaikwad@mit.edu for more information 

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MIT Sidney-Pacific Committee on Scholarly Interactions (CoSI)
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