SPUR (Summer Program in Undergraduate Research) conference

Friday, August 06, 2021 at 9:30am

Virtual Event

9:30 am: Conference Opening by SPUR faculty advisors Prof. David Jerison and Prof. Ankur Moitra
9:35 am: Dain Kim and Anqi Li, “Cubic Goldreich-Levin” (mentor: Jonathan Tidor)
10:05 am: Preston Cranford and Peter Rowley, “Finding bounded simplicial sets with finite homology” (mentor: Robert Burklund)
10:45 am: Enrico Colon, “Split-multiplicity-free flagged Schur polynomials” (mentor: Yibo Gao)
11:15 am: Frank Wang, “Toward explicit Hilbert series of quasi-invariant polynomials in characteristic $p$” (mentor: Calder Morton-Ferguson)
11:45 am: Yuyuan Luo, “Explicit construction of the Hecke character associated to certain CM elliptic curves” (mentor: Gefei Dang)
1:00 pm: Amanda Ledesma Vanegas, “A reduced Swift-Hohenberg style model for vegetation patterns in drylands” (mentors: Davis Evans and Alasdair Hastewell)
1:30 pm: Alan Peng, “Convolution-exact perverse sheaves on the affine flag variety” (mentor: Calder Morton-Ferguson)
2:15 pm: Daishi Kiyohara, “A new approach to the upper estimate of lattice points on a curve via $\ell^2$ decoupling” (mentor: Feng Gui)
2:45 pm: Jacob Lerma and Jeffery Opoku-Mensah, “Large positivity of the mass using $p-$harmonic functions on asymptotically flat $3$-manifolds” (mentor: Julius Baldauf)
3:15 pm: Conference Closing

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