WEWORK: Architecting Experience

Tuesday, February 20, 2018 at 12:30pm to 2:00pm

Long Lounge, 7-429 77 Mass Ave

A story of tech + real estate to help people around the world make a life, not just a living. 


Liz Burow, Vice President, Director of Workplace Strategy

Joshua Emig, Head of Product Research


Organized by designX with the CDD Forum

The mission of WeWork is to help people make a life, not just a living. Their belief is the future of architecture, design and technology is in service of creating great experiences for their members.  During this talk, they will share their holistic approach to design and how they bring insights and innovation to every part of the process and supply chain, from finding locations to designing spaces across the world.

At MIT, we are researching and designing the future of real estate, architecture, furniture, technology and spatial experiences – in short, we are innovating in the human environment. As WeWork grows, the company is critically examining the future of organizations, communities, campuses and cities. Together we will explore the future of working, living, and learning experiences WeWork’s practices.

This talk will discuss a) disruptions to architectural design and development practices, b) how WeWork leverages technology to improve experience, utilization, social networks and optimize design, and to c) spend a day at any WeWork location, as their guest.


The 2018 City Design and Development Forum at MIT’s Department of Urban Studies and Planning aims to simultaneously focus on the outward gaze of architects, city planners, urban designers, real estate developers and policymakers—that expands the purview of urban design practice—and the inward view of new entrants including startups and technology firms that are challenging the traditional methods by which cities are shaped. This series seeks to stimulate debate by presenting viewpoints of those who are practicing on opposite sides of the periphery, and questions where the delineation between these practices exists. As such, several events are co-organized with designX, the platform for accelerating innovation in design, cities, and the human environment at the MIT School of Architecture and Planning.  Upcoming events in the series are:


Wednesday, March 7
City leaders as disruptors: finding unexpected allies and getting results
Trinity Simons, Mayors’ Institute for City Design

Wednesday, March 21
Cities and the Opportunities to Start-Up. 
Shaun Abrahamson, UrbanUS
Organized with designX, as part of the CDD Forum


Wednesday, April 11 

Public Life Data 

Tara Eisenberg, Gehl Institute 


Wednesday, April 18

Urban Interfaces

Jeffrey Shumaker, KPF Urban Design & Planning

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