12"x12" LED Light Sign (Multi-day non-credit class)

Sunday, January 15, 2023 at 10:00am to 4:00pm

Metropolis, 6C-006b

To enter the lottery, please fill out this form by 12/20/22: https://forms.gle/cunzR1zHM8BWcwZU7 


Beginers highly encouraged!


Course Instructor: Cat Arase, carase@mit.edu 

Meeting times: M-F 6-8pm & 8-10pm, Saturday & Sunday 10am-3pm

Prerequisites: None! No experience making is required

Credit: This class is not for credit and there will be no grading


I have found that there are many people who want to make things, but struggle to go from making small trinkets to larger scale projects that look finished, especially when those projects aim to integrate multiple components or processes. Inspired by Lauren Platt’s (MIT MechE 22’) LED Lottso sign, I intend to create a class that takes beginners through the process of planning out a project, testing their design, and manufacturing a final version. This project will introduce students to multiple tools, such as illustrator, CAM, the CNC router, and basic soldering. The class is going to focus on the design process and how you can get from an idea to a finished product. 

I hope to take 6-8 students in this class and will run two sessions (in the same week). The class will last one week of IAP, and I intend to leave extra time on Saturday and Sunday for extra time in case anyone needs more time to finish.


Photos & project inspiration courtesy of Lauren Platt

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