2017 SPUR Conference

Friday, August 04, 2017 at 9:00am

Building 2, 2-449

9:00am: Conference Opening, by SPUR Faculty Advisors Prof. David Jerison and Prof. Ankur Moitra, and SPUR+ Coordinator Dr. Cris Negron

9:10am: Max Murin, Computing Parameters for Generalized Hecke Algebras in Type B (mentor Seth Shelley-Abrahamson)

9:40am:  Panagiotis Dimakis, On a Connection between Affine Springer Fibers and L-U Decomposable Matrices (mentor Guangyi Yue)

10:10am:  Jianqiao Xia, Topology of Two-Row Type Springer Fibers (mentor Gus Lonergan)

10:50am: Hyo Won Kim and Christopher Maldonado, On Graphs and the Gotsman-Linial Conjecture for d=2 (mentor Jake Lee Wellens)

11:30am:  Max Vargas and Kimberly Villalobos, A Random Walk Formulation of Learning in Restricted Boltzmann Machines (mentor Mason Biamonte)

1pm:  Xianglong Ni, The Bracket in the Bar Spectral Sequence for a Finite-Fold Loop Space (mentor Hood Chatham)

1:30pm: Juan Carlos Ortiz, The Diagonal Cohomology Class of Vertical Bundles (mentor Jackson Hance)

2pm:  Alonso Espinosa Dominguez, On Kakeya-Type Problems for Hyperplanes in R^d (mentor Paxton Turner)

2:40pm: Brian Chen, The Suboptimality of Asymmetric Recursive Reconstruction Algorithms (mentor Ashwin Narayan)

3:10pm: Justin Lim, Building Forests in Maker-Breaker Games: Upper and Lower Bounds (mentor Frederic Koehler)

3:40pm: Luke Sciarappa, Model Categories in Equivariant Rational Homotopy Theory (mentor Robert Burklund)

4:10pm: Conference Closing

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Department of Mathematics
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