2023 MIT Digital Technology and Strategy Conference

Thursday, October 26, 2023 at 12:30pm

Boston Marriott Cambridge, 2nd Floor 50 Broadway Cambridge, MA 02142

Digital transformation is revolutionizing the way enterprises develop, produce, promote, and distribute products and services. By integrating digital technologies into their operations and processes, organizations can foster innovation, boost productivity, and unlock significant value.

AI is poised to further accelerate this transformative process by harnessing the power of large-scale data analysis. Generative AI approaches have emerged as transformative tools, unveiling novel insights that might have otherwise remained concealed in the data. This paves the way for exciting opportunities, enabling organizations to create truly distinctive products, services, and experiences.

At this conference, we will delve into the implications of Generative AI on industry, innovation, and society at large:

  • On the first day, we will have four plenary presentations by MIT faculty, followed by lightning talks and a Startup exhibit at noon. In the afternoon, we will feature an industry panel with representatives from ILP-member companies discussing the challenges and opportunities of using generative AI and LLMs in business.
  • On the second day, we will feature a Generative AI Deep Dive in collaboration with MIT Media Lab. This will involve focused presentations, lightning talks, interactive workshops, and Media Lab demo tours.

Through stimulating discussions with esteemed academics, industry pioneers, and forward-thinking professionals, attendees will be able to explore how large language models can augment human capabilities, influence enterprise strategy, and understand the necessary controls and incentives to ensure that all sectors of society can reap the benefits of these advancements in the future.

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Industrial Liaison Program (ILP), Office of Corporate Relations
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