EAPS IAP 2018: Origin of Life Seminar Series

Friday, February 02, 2018 at 4:00pm to 5:00pm

Building 54, 915
21 AMES ST, Cambridge, MA 02139

Our Origin of Life Seminars are a series of hosted lectures from leaders in the Origin of Life community, focusing on various dimensions of one of the most challenging problems in the biological and planetary sciences. Topics include the origin of cells, metabolism, replication and proteins, as well as the geochemical conditions on the Early Earth that led to prebiotic and early biotic systems. Enrolled students will attend 4 seminars during IAP, actively engage in Q & A sessions with invited speakers in a panel format, and collaborate on creating an Origins of Life online blog resource highlighting the work of invited speakers. | 12.091/ 12.S593 | Instructor: Greg Fournier | More info: http://bit.ly/EAPS_IAP2018
JANUARY 10 | ROOM 54-915 | 4PM
"RNA and Protein: Molecules in Mutualism"
Loren Williams | Georgia Institute of Technology
More info: https://eapsweb.mit.edu/iap-2018-loren-williams

JANUARY 11 | ROOM 54-915 | 4PM
"The RNA World: Emergence and Evolution of Functional RNA"
Irene A. Chen | University of California, Santa Barbara
More info: https://eapsweb.mit.edu/iap-2018-irene-chen

JANUARY 29 | ROOM 54-915 | 4PM
"What is “I”: The Role of Compartmentalisation in the Origins of Life"
Anna Wang | Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard University
More info: https://eapsweb.mit.edu/iap-2018-anna-wang

FEBRUARY 2 | ROOM E25-605 | 4PM
"The Planetary Battery for the Origins of Life: The Example of Mars"
Vlada Stamenkovic | NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Caltech
More info: https://eapsweb.mit.edu/iap-2018-vlada-stamenkovic

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