MIT Number Theory Seminar

Tuesday, September 08, 2020 at 10:30am to 11:30am

Virtual Event

Featured Speaker:  Jessica Fintzen (Cambridge/Duke/IAS)

Title:  "Representations of p-adic groups and applications"

Abstract:  The Langlands program is a far-reaching collection of conjectures that relate different areas of mathematics including number theory and representation theory. A fundamental problem on the representation theory side of the Langlands program is the construction of all (irreducible, smooth, complex) representations of p-adic groups.

I will provide an overview of our understanding of the representations of p-adic groups, with an emphasis on recent progress.

I will also outline how new results about the representation theory of p-adic groups can be used to obtain congruences between arbitrary automorphic forms and automorphic forms which are supercuspidal at p, which is joint work with Sug Woo Shin. This simplifies earlier constructions of attaching Galois representations to automorphic representations, i.e. the global Langlands correspondence, for general linear groups. Moreover, our results apply to general p-adic groups and have therefore the potential to become widely applicable beyond the case of the general linear group.

 Meetings are currently held virtually via Zoom video conference.  To receive announcements by email, add yourself to the nt mailing list.


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