Adventures in Scanning Electron Microscopy

Tuesday, January 17, 2023 at 9:00am to 5:00pm

MIT, 4-141

This is an all-day session. It is offered on 3 days during IAP and each day covers the same material. It is fundamentally a training session. Attendees who stay all day will be prepared to use the microscope for future research. Attendees who are simply interested in some aspect of how a scanning electron microscope (SEM) works, or what it can do, are also welcomed.

The class runs 9-5 with most of the technical material presented before lunch break around noon. Time is planned in the afternoon so that each trainee has time to do hands-on work on the microscope.

Attendees are welcomed to bring samples, but most of the training will take place with standard samples chosen to demonstrate the various features of the microscope.

The microscope is a JEOL 6610LV low vacuum SEM. It has a special low vacuum mode so that non-conductive samples can be imaged without any surface preparation. It has a 5-axis computer-controlled positioning system and is equipped with an elemental analysis (EDS) system.

Contact to register.
Enrollment limit: 6 per day.

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