Aladin, Topcat, Vizier, Simbad, and other powerful tools for finding gems in big astronomical datasets

Wednesday, January 17, 2024 at 11:00am to 12:00pm

Building 37, #37-252/272
70 VASSAR ST, Cambridge, MA 02139

In this lesson, I will introduce some of my favorite tools for sifting through large datasets to discover rare and interesting objects. We will explore performing large-scale cross matches of datasets like Gaia, Pan-STARRs, the Chandra Source catalog, etc, using Topcat, selecting candidates from this, and inspecting them using tools like Aladin, Vizier, and Simbad. I will emphasize tips and tricks, as well as the bells and whistles of some of these programs that I have picked up by using them on a daily basis over the years. 

Pre-requesite: To follow along with the lesson, please bring along a laptop with an internet connection, and ideally download and install Topcat ahead of time (Mac users, please use the curl command): Optionally, attendees are encouraged to also download Aladin desktop if they want to see capabilities beyond what the web interface is capable of (e.g., displaying Hubble and JWST images, etc):

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tools, astronomy, dataset, aladin, topcat, vizier, simbad

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