Algebraic Topology Seminar

Monday, December 09, 2019 at 4:30pm

Room : 2 - 131 182 memorial Drive, MIT Building 2, Cambridge, MA, 02142

Featured Speaker :  Dylan Wilson (Harvard University)

Title :  Norms

Abstract :  We'll discuss joint work with Jeremy Hahn surrounding the 'norm' construction of Hill-Hopkins-Ravenel in equivariant homotopy theory. In particular, we'll talk about how to use variants of Hochschild homology to make some computations of homotopy groups of norms. In the case of the $C_2$ equivariant norm of the mod 2 Eilenberg-MacLane spectrum this relates to some classical questions, and we'll show how our method gives a new proof of the Segal conjecture for the group $C_2$.

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