MIT PRIMES math reading groups mini-conference

Tuesday, December 10, 2019 at 5:30pm


5:30 pm: Sooyoung Choi and Minghan Sun, “Two proofs of Dirichlet’s theorem” (mentor Kaavya Valiveti)

5:50 pm: Yunseo Choi, Aneesha Manne, and Poonam Sahoo, “Pell’s Equation and Diophantine Approximation” (mentor Zhulin Li)

6:10 pm: Yunseo Choi (joint research project with Erin Bevilacqua and Kapil Chandran at Emory REU), “Ramanujan Congruences for Fractional Partition” (mentor Prof. Ken Ono, University of Virginia)

6:25-6:35 pm: break

6:35 pm: Richard Chen and Jason Tang, “The Prime Number Theorem with Error Term” (mentor Chengyang Shao)

6:55 pm: Vincent Fan, William Yue, and Sebastian Zhu, “Shor’s algorithm and the Period Finding Problem” (mentor Chun Hong Lo)

7:15 pm: Vincent Fan, William Yue, and Sebastian Zhu (research project), “On the Complexity of Generalized Roller Splat!” (mentor Chun Hong Lo)


Department of Mathematics
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