MIT verses Workshop Session

Thursday, July 27, 2023 at 7:00pm to 8:00pm

Virtual Event

Make some music with rap or sonic verse by September 1, 2023. It will be released in an MIT MPC collab album on Soundcloud.

Signup to be sent the Zoom meeting url :

The purpose of the project is to promote and connect spoken music artists in the MIT Community. We're expecting Rap and Spoken Word artists to submit. Singing, vocal loops, spoken word, or conversation are all welcome. A dance song with a single vocal sample of “Stop!” would also be considered as fitting the scope of this project.


1. Sign up your intent to create a work for publication here: As long as someone on your team is MIT Affiliated (Student, Alum, Staff, etc), we will add it to the collab. We will send email to the person who fills out this form, but can add other emails to the list.

2. Read what to submit. Take a look at the submission form to prepare your submission.

3. Optionally attend the virtual Info session in June.

4. Optionally attend a work-in-progress session in mid-July

4.Make your initial submission (early August listening session)

5. Receive feedback to finalize your submission   (sometime in late-August)

6. Submit your finished piece by September 1, 2023

7. Work will be published on Soundcloud soon after.

You can email us at

Legal Disclaimer:

This is a not-for-profit project affiliated with an academic setting, we will not accept works with slurs or raw decontextualized violence.  We request that you not sample copyrighted works, and if you do sample, to give credit to artists when you submit. We are only curating a group of talented people and hold no legal liability for ip infrignement and will not be providing any samples.

You'll own all rights to your music, and can release your work under your own channel too. You can submit work that has already been released.

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