Picower Institute 20th Anniversary Exhibition Symposium: Two Decades of Discovery and Impact

Thursday, September 22, 2022 at 9:00am to 5:00pm

Singleton Auditorium (46-3002) 43 Vassar Street, THIRD FLOOR, Cambridge, MA 02139

Join us in celebrating The Picower Institute for Learning and Memory's 20th Anniversary!

About this event

On September 22, 2022 we will celebrate the 20th anniversary of The Picower Institute for Learning and Memory with an Exhibition Symposium — a day-long hybrid event highlighting "Two Decades of Discovery & Impact" since the launch of the Institute by a transformational gift from Barbara and Jeffry Picower. The symposium will feature a range of lay-friendly brain science talks from Picower Institute faculty and their alumni with opportunities to informally interact at lunch and at the reception that will follow the talks.



This event is FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC but registration is required. Please click here to register or enter https://picower20.eventbrite.com into your search bar. 



This will be a hybrid event, with options to join both in-person and/or virtually.

Join Us:

  • In-person in Singleton Auditorium (46-3002), located on the third floor of MIT Building 46 (43 Vassar St, Cambridge, MA 02139)
  • Virtually via livestream. All registrants will be sent the livestream link via email one week prior to the event (with reminders the day prior and morning of the event). Please keep in mind that emails will be sent to the email address you use to register.



9:00 - 9:30am: Opening Remarks

Featuring Institute Director Li-Huei Tsai , MIT President L. Rafael Reif, and JPB Foundation President Barbara Picower.

Session 1: Learning & Memory || Moderator: Tonegawa lab alumnus Steve Ramirez, Assistant Professor at Boston University

  • 9:30-9:50am: Wilson lab alumnus David Foster, UC Berkeley, "Do Animals have Imagination?"
  • 9:50-10:10am: Susumu Tonegawa, MIT, "Memory Engram for Knowledge"
  • 10:10-10:30am: Earl K. Miller, MIT, "One Journey from 20th to 21st Century Neuroscience"

10:30 - 10:45am: Break

Session 2: Development & Plasticity || Moderator: Morgan Sheng, Professor, Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT

  • 10:45-11:05am: Nedivi Lab alumnus Jerry Chen, Boston University, "Investigating Learning and Plasticity Through Vertically Integrated Neuroscience"
  • 11:05-11:25am: Littleton lab alumnus Zachary Piccioli, Moderna, "Current Advantages and Future Prospects for mRNA Vaccines"
  • 11:25-11:45am: Mriganka Sur, MIT, "Cortical Plasticity"

11:45 - 12:45: Lunch

Session 3: Brain Health & Disease || Moderator: Pam Belluck, Health and Science Writer, The New York Times

  • 12:45-1:05pm: Bear lab alumnus Ben Auerbach, University of Illinois, "Bridging the Gap from Genes to Behavior in Autism Spectrum Disorders"
  • 1:05-1:25pm: Tsai lab alumnus Joel Blanchard, Mount Sinai, "Investigating Mechanisms of Aging with Stem Cells"
  • 1:25-1:45pm: Choi lab Postdoctoral Associate, Jeongtae Kwon, MIT, "Neuromodulatory Regulation of Social Behavior in Amygdala"
  • 1:45-2:05pm: Myriam Heiman, MIT, "Single-cell Dissection of the Human Cerebrovasculature"

2:05 - 2:20pm: Break

Session 4: Innovation & Invention || Moderator: Eric Grimson, Chancellor for Academic Advancement, MIT

  • 2:20-2:40pm: Emery N. Brown, MIT, "The Dynamics of the Unconscious Brain Under Anesthesia"
  • 2:40-3:00pm: Chung lab alumnus Sung-Yon Kim, Seoul National University, "Warm and Full: The Neurobiology of Innate Behavior"
  • 3:00-3:20pm: Steven W. Flavell, MIT, "Recording and Understanding Neural Activity Across an Entire Brain"

3:20 - 3:30pm: Closing Remarks

Closing remarks given by Dean Nergis Mavalvala, School of Science, MIT

3:30 - 5:00pm: Reception, Poster Session, Art Reveal



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