Software Radio

Monday, January 24, 2022 at 1:00pm to 4:00pm

Building NE45, 202
300 TECHNOLOGY SQ, Cambridge, MA 02142

Learn about software defined radio using GNU Radio during this interactive course.

Software-defined radio (SDR) technology is having a tremendous impact not only in consumer devices but also in the areas of rapid prototyping and research and development. MIT Lincoln Laboratory is offering a course to introduce students to SDR fundamentals and applications. Students will gain hands-on experience with the USRP SDR platform and GNU Radio toolkit, while learning theory and practice of digital signal processing and digital communications. The course will consist of several projects, such as FM radio receivers, digital video transmission and reception, and spectrum sensing, highlighting the flexibility of software radios.

Gain hands-on experience with popular software radio platforms (USRP, HackRF, RTL-SDR,…)
• Learn theory and practice of digital signal processing and digital communications
• Projects include
– FM radio receiver
– Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) receiver
– Spectrum sensing / signal detection
– GPS receiver
– Digital modulation

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