Spatial Poetry Workshop

Monday, May 03, 2021 at 5:00pm to 7:00pm

Virtual Event

Please register ahead of time at to receive the zoom link via email. 

The names on our maps make up their own kind of language. The names of our streets and cities are deeply intertwined with America's history of colonization, and language in these public spaces continues to raise questions of who belongs where. In this workshop, students will explore how maps can produce poems and cartography can produce language. We'll look at how poems have historically influenced many of the place names we know today and how poets have used place names in their writing. Then, we'll learn about how contemporary poets are remaking these public languages and try writing our own spatial poems. This workshop aims to teach participants about the link between language and equity in geography, and includes examples of current activism movements around renaming public places.

A great workshop for writers, artists, city planners, architects, historians and anyone else interested!  This workshop is open to anyone affiliated with MIT and can be taken from anywhere. No prior knowledge is required. The workshop is approximately 2 hours, with the last hour being mostly writing/sharing time. Please register ahead of time at to receive the zoom link via email. 

The workshop is facilitated by poet C.X. Hua, and was created with the Audit the Streets Project in the Data Feminism Lab, which studies place names in the American heritage landscape.

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