SPUR (Summer Program in Undergraduate Research) conference

Friday, July 31, 2020 at 9:30am

Virtual Event

9:30 am: Conference Opening by SPUR faculty advisors Prof. David Jerison and Prof. Ankur Moitra
9:35 am: Christina Meng, ”Betti Numbers of Configuration Spaces of Manifolds” (mentor Araminta Gwynne)
10:05 am: Hung-Hsun Yu, ”Joints of Varieties” (mentor Jonathan Tidor)
10:35 am: Korina Digalaki, ”Deformed Airy Kernels in Height Function Fluctuations of the Stochastic Six-Vertex Model” (mentor Roger Van Peski)
11:05 am: Kerri Lu and Aparna Ajit Gupte, ”Fine-Grained Complexity of Sparse Linear Regression” (mentor Frederic Koehler)
12:20 pm: Calvin Yost-Wolff, ”A Geometric RSK Correspondence and Relative Positions Within Springer Fibers” (mentor Oron Propp)
12:50 pm: Dylan Pentland, ”Filtrations on Block Subalgebras of Reduced Universal
Enveloping Algebras” (mentor Andrei Ionov)
1:20 pm: Carl Schildkraut and William Zhao, ”Relating Counts in Different Characteristics for Steiner’s Conic Problem” (mentor Chun Hong Lo)
2:00 pm: Kevin Chang, ”Towards the $v_1$-periodic Adams Spectral Sequence for the mod 2 Moore Spectrum” (mentor Robert Burklund)
2:30 pm: Kevin Ren, ”Incidence Estimates for $\alpha$-dimensional $\delta$-tubes” (mentor Yuqiu Fu)
3:00 pm: Elisabeth Bullock and Katie Gravel, ”Higher Secondary Polytopes for Zonotopal Tilings” (mentor Alexey Balitsky)
3:30 pm: Conference Closing

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