Structure of astrophysical jets unraveled: Theory and supporting observations

Tuesday, January 16, 2024 at 3:00pm to 4:00pm

Building 37, #37-252/272
70 VASSAR ST, Cambridge, MA 02139

The theoretical finding of plasma structures propagating away from disks associated with binary systems [1] has led to propose that an important class of the jets observed in astrophysics are the results of the emission of these structures. Double-helix structures were in fact identified, in one case, as a ersult of non-linear interactions of nodes excited in circumbinary disks sustained by pairs of stellar black holes [2]. The other considered case is that of a massive black hole paired with a much lighter ‘sheperd’ black home that is proposed to be relevant to an important class of observed jets.

According to the theory, the emitted plasma structures are associated with the fluctuations generated by the carving of a ‘swept torus’ [2] by the sheperd black hole in the plasma disk sustained by the main black hole. In fact, a following analysis of the observed M87 jet structure had concluded that this was of a double-helix kind [3]. More recent studies of other hets [4,5, & following papers] associated with massive black holes have identified helical or different plasma structures associated with them.

At a recent meeting of the A.P.S renewed laboratory observations involving two relevant facilities were found to be in support of the presented theory: long and lasting double-helix plasma structures have been systematically launched and produced far from chamber walls. A collaboration among major institutions, both in the US and abroad, is planned concerning this general area of research.

[1] B.Coppi, Invited Papers for the XVI Marcel Grossman Conference on Relatvistic Astrophysics (Session I), July 2021, and for the Asia Pacific Physical Societies Conference on Plasma Physics, (SA-118), October 2021.
[2] B.Coppi, Fundamental Pl. Phys., 100007 (2023).
[3] A.Pasetto et al., Ap J. Letters, 923:L5 (2021).
[4] G-Y.Zhao, Ap J., et al., 932, 732 (2022).
[5] I.Isscun. Ap J., et al., 934, 145 (2022).

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