"Tell me about yourself" - two-day session workshop based on storytelling

Thursday, May 20, 2021 at 11:00am to 12:30pm

Virtual Event

"Tell me about yourself" - two-session workshop based on storytelling led by Kirsty Bennett.

Have you noticed how difficult it might be to answer the question: "Tell me about yourself"? You immediately start thinking: "What should I include to answer this question? Should it be a 6 second speech or people expect a story of my life?" We usually somehow figure it out - we analyze a situation and a company. But it can be much more difficult to figure it out when you just moved to another country, and you are in a situation when you don't really have a clear image of who you are here? what you do? and where you go? Don't worry about it! We are in the USA, in the country where most of the people someday arrived at this land and tried to find them self as you do.

We would like to invite you to a two-day storytelling workshop, where we all together under the lead of storytelling guru Kirsty Bennett will learn how to answer the question "Tell us about yourself". We will learn the American style of verbal communication, challenging ourselves with public speaking and creating our own confident story about ourselves!

Kirsty Bennett is the founder of MITell, a storytelling program for MIT and the Manager of the MIT Women’s League. Previously, she spent seven years as a Producer and Director for the Peabody Award-winning The Moth, designing and running The Moth College Program and teaching storytelling workshops for literary festivals, corporations, schools and colleges. She leads storytelling workshops for multiple departments at MIT, taught at the 2019 NAFA Conference, and is the regular host for MIT’s FAIL!, a twice-yearly storytelling event. In 2018, she curated and directed Synaptic Stories at the MIT Museum, as part of the Beautiful Brain exhibit. She thinks you have a story to tell.

May 18 / 11 AM
First day: work on exercises from storytelling, introducing the American style of verbal communication
Homework - creating your own story, using the tools you have learned at the first day of workshop
May 20 / 11 AM
Second day: practicing your story in the group with our support.

Register here - bit.ly/mspc_storytelling




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