Thirteen Annual Fall Term PRIMES Conference, October 14-15, 2023

Sunday, October 15, 2023 at 9:00am to 5:00pm

Building 4, Both 4-270 and 4-370
182 MEMORIAL DR (REAR), Cambridge, MA 02139

Sunday, October 15
Mathematics (in parallel with Computer Science sessions in the morning)
Room 4-370 , MIT
Open to the public

9:00-10:15 am: Session 7. Algebra

  • Ethan Liu, On the Structure and Generators of the $n$-th Order Chromatic Algebra (mentor Merrick Cai)
  • Justin Zhang, An Extension of Benson’s Conjecture to Finite 3-Groups for Monomial Modules with Null Inner Partition (mentor Dr. Kent Vashaw)
  • Andrew Lin, Henrick Rabinowitz, and Qiao Zhang, The Furstenberg property in Puiseux Monoids (mentor Dr. Felix Gotti)
  • Hannah Fox, Agastya Goel, and Sophia Liao, Arithmetic of Semisubtractive Semidomains (mentor Prof. Harold Polo, University of Florida)

10:25-11:30 am: Session 8. Geometry and Other Topics

  • Anton Levonian, Existence of Circle Packings on Certain Translation Surfaces (mentor Prof. Sergiy Merenkov, CCNY – CUNY)
  • Nicholas Hagedorn, Algorithmically Generated Pants Decompositions of Combinatorial Surfaces (mentor Elia Portnoy)
  • Alexander Li, Canonical Forms for Toric and Surface Codes in ZX Calculus (mentor Andrey Boris Khesin)
  • Iz Chen and Krishna Pothapragada, Classification of Non-degenerate Symmetric Bilinear Forms in the Verlinde Category Ver4+ (mentor Arun Kannan)

11:40 am - 12:40 pm: Session 9. Group Theory and Representations

  • Matvey Borodin, The Action of the Cactus Group on Arc Diagrams (mentor Prof. Leonid Rybnikov)
  • Alan Bu, The Local-Global Principle and a Projective Twist on the Hasse Norm Theorem (mentor Dr. Thomas Rüd)
  • Brian Li, Tensor Product Decompositions for Modules over Subregular W-Algebras (mentor Dr. Artem Kalmykov)
  • Razzi Masroor, Hyperoctahedral Schur Algebra and the Hyperoctahedral Web Algebra (mentor Dr. Elijah Bodish)


Sunday, October 15 
Computer Science (in parallel with Math sessions in the morning)
Room 4-270 , MIT
Open to the public

9:00 am: Welcoming Remarks

  • Dr. Slava Gerovitch, PRIMES Program Director
  • Prof. Srini Devadas, PRIMES Computer Science Section Coordinator

9:10-10:05 am: Session 10. Computer Science

  • Dongchen Zou, Intersection Attack in Non-Uniform Setting (mentor Simon Langowski)
  • Alan Song and Evan Ning, Exploring Data-driven Resource Management for Serverless Systems (mentors Varun Gohil, Nikita Lazarev, and Yueying (Lisa) Li)
  • Rohith Raghavan and Eric Chen, Comparing Methods of Opportunistic Risk-Limiting Audits (mentor Mayuri Sridhar)

10:20-11:25 am: Session 11. Computer Science

  • Boyan Litchev, Parallelizable and Updatable Private Information Retrieval (mentor Simon Langowski)
  • Andrew Carratu and Albert Lu, Public-key Signature Scheme with Reduced Hardware Trust (mentors Sacha Servan-Schreiber and Jules Drean)
  • Yifan Kang, NUMA-Aware Data Structure Design and Benchmarking (mentors Shangdi Yu and Prof. Julian Shun)
  • Omar El Nesr, Fast GPU Accelerated Ising Models for Practical Combinatorial Optimization (mentor Axel Feldmann)

11:40 am - 12:50 pm: Session 12. Computer Science

  • Sarah Pan, Let's Reinforce Step by Step (mentors Prof. Anna Rumshisky and Vlad Lialin, UMass Lowell)
  • Eddie Wei, The Algebraic Value-Editing Conjecture in Deep Reinforcement Learning (mentor Andrew Gritsevskiy, Cavendish Labs)
  • Henry Han and Adrita Samanta, Visualizing Distributed Traces in Aggregate (mentors Darby Huye, Max Liu, Roy Zhang, and Prof. Raja Sambasivan, Tufts University)
  • Garima Rastogi and Sophia Lichterfeld, How Do I Pay Thee? Let Me Count the Ways: Leveraging Ethereum Smart Contracts to Facilitate Web Monetization Adoption (mentor Kyle Hogan)

Computational and Physical Biology and Bioinformatics
Room 4-270 , MIT
Open to the public

2:00-3:15 pm: Session 13: Computational and Physical Biology

  • Valentina Zhang, Identifying Microglial Heterogeneity in Alzheimer's Disease (mentor Dr. Ayshwarya Subramanian, Broad Institute)
  • Raj Saha, Surveying the Presence and Diversity of Viruses in Mammalian Transcriptomes (mentor Dr. Ayshwarya Subramanian, Broad Institute)
  • Amith Saligrama, A Novel Statistical Framework for Identification of Mutated Cells (mentors Dr. Giulio Genovese, Broad Institute, and Prof. Steve McCarroll, Harvard Medical School)
  • Anna Du, Utilizing Machine Learning to Identify Time Asymmetry of DNA Loop Extrusion (mentors Dr. Aleksandra Galitsyna and Henrik Pinholt)
  • Elizaveta Rybnikova, Exploration of Hi-C Patterns Through Computer Simulations (mentors Dr. Aleksandra Galitsyna and Henrik Pinholt)

3:25-4:40 pm: Session 14: Bioinformatics

  • Irene Jiang, Machine Learning Inference of Causal Genes for Tuberculosis using Mendelian Randomization and Single-cell Sequencing (mentor Prof. Gil Alterovitz, Harvard Medical School)
  • Gavin Ye, Drug Design as Causal Language Modeling: Transferring Large Chemistry Models for De-Novo Drug Design with Supervised and Reinforcement Learning (mentor Prof. Gil Alterovitz, Harvard Medical School)
  • Aaron Li, Identification of Biomarkers for Insulin Resistance using Meta-Analysis and Machine Learning (mentor Prof. Gil Alterovitz, Harvard Medical School)
  • Stephanie Wan, Biomarker Identification of Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma through Transcriptomic Expression Analysis (mentor Prof. Gil Alterovitz, Harvard Medical School)
  • Rianna Santra, Transcriptomic Analysis of the Dengue Virus using Feature Selection and Random Forest (mentor Prof. Gil Alterovitz, Harvard Medical School)
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