Tiny Dances Project

Wednesday, April 27, 2022 to 12:00am

Building W97
345 Vassar Street, Cambridge MA 02139


Artist and MIT Lecturer Janessa Clark's Tiny Dances Project is an ongoing socially-engaged, multimedia installation project weaving together dance, video, sound art, photography and sculpture. Each 'tiny dance' artistically translates the contents of letters confessing personal secrets sent anonymously to the artist from around the world. 

 For MTA's Performance & Design Week, the project will offer this latest volume of 11 artworks based on letters from Northern Michigan in 2020 and from St. Petersburg, Russia during a 2019 artist residency.


Concept, Curation, Cinematography, Direction and Editing: Janessa Clark


Artistic Interpreters: Hollis Bartlett, Breeanah Breeden, Leslie Cuyjet, Brendan Drake, Courtney Drasner, Sara Fox, Lyle Kash, Catie Leasca,  Antonio Ramos, David Shane Smith, Nattie Trogdon, Darrin Wright and Alex Yudzon


Narrators: Sophie Ancival, Hollis Bartlett, Aleksandra Lenskaia, Dan Safer and Nattie Trogdon


Text Translators (from Russian to English): Aleksandra Lenskaia and Anton Svyatsky


Project funding: The Crojik’s Largesse from The Croft Residency  

Production support: MIT Music & Theater Arts


All artistic elements are used with permission and are the property of the artists and the Tiny Dances Project.


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